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Get to know what brunch and menu options are

Brunch is a term used when you eat between breakfast and lunch. Usually, the concept of brunch is mostly done by those who do not have time to have breakfast in the morning and can only eat at 10 or 11 noon. The term brunch itself comes from combining the words breakfast (breakfast) and lunch (lunch). Brunch menus are usually not too heavy like main dishes, but also not too light like snacks. For this reason, brunch is the right solution to replenish your energy while skipping breakfast but not until lunch time. Variety of Brunch Menu Although there are already many cafes and restaurants in Indonesia that serve brunch menus, there is no harm in trying to make brunch dishes at home. Some menus that you can try are: 1. Omelette Eggs are one of the foods that are suitable as a brunch menu. The reason is, eggs contain a number of nutrients that are useful to meet your daily energy needs. Some nutrients found in eggs, namely calories, protein, fat vitamins A, B, D, folate, and choli
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Spry in Dealing with Baby's Ear Infection at Home

Ear infections in infants are a fairly common complaint. Babies are susceptible to ear infections due to their immune system which is still weak. In addition to medication, there are several steps you can take to treat ear infections in babies at home. Ear infections in infants usually occur in the middle ear (otitis media), due to bacterial or viral infections. Most otitis media arises from infections that originate in the eustachian tubes, the tubes that connect the ears, nose and throat. Because Little has not been able to communicate like an adult, so it can not tell if his ears hurt, Mother needs to pay more attention to the signs. Ear infections in infants can be recognized by the following symptoms: Fluid from the baby's ear. Baby's ears smell. Babies become more fussy and tug at their ears. Fever. Not wanting to eat or drink. Cry often or look in pain. Handling Ear Infection in Infants at Home Ear infections in babies can heal on their own within a few day

Get to know these rare signs of pregnancy

Pregnancy is often marked by the appearance of nausea, dizziness, being late for menstruation, or becoming more sensitive breasts. However, some women experience rare signs of pregnancy. Many women are often confused whether they are pregnant or not, because they do not recognize the signs of pregnancy. Some rare signs of pregnancy are considered shameful for some women. In addition, these signs of pregnancy are also rarely known, so it helps you try to recognize any signs of pregnancy that rarely happens. We recommend that you do not hesitate to tell your doctor to ascertain whether the signs of pregnancy are still classified as normal. Signs of Pregnancy That Are Still Classified as Normal To recognize further, below are some of the rare signs of pregnancy, but you may experience. Sweating often In certain cases, pregnancy can be marked by the appearance of excessive sweating in several parts of the body, such as in the armpits, groin, stomach, or face. This condition is